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Avoid common causes of eye disease with easy to follow eye health plans.

I appreciate the professional and personal care I receive during my thorough eye examinations. I go every 6 months and I feel that Dr. Smith truly cares about my vision and listens to my concerns. I never feel rushed thru my appointments which is very important.

Toni H.

Dr. Smith is very thorough. The staff are very professional and friendly. I would recommend their services to others looking for good eye care.

Judy Y.

The employees are always polite and respectful. They treat you as family and not just a number.

Mark R.

I've always gotten the best care here. Dr. Smith is very thorough. Staff is very friendly and professional.

Denise G.

I took my son here for an eye exam for school enrollment. I was extremely impressed with the staff's interaction with him and how personal and professional the entire experience was. I highly recommend this business.

Jesse S.




High Definition Retinal Pictures

Our advanced camera captures up to 150 degrees in stunning detail, enabling better detection of disease.

The Eye Health Solutions Plan


​Book online or give us a call to schedule your appointment. We keep our waiting room empty by scheduling fewer exams throughout the day. This gives us time to provide you with a relaxed and thorough visit.


​Our top of the line technology lets us see more of your eyes than many other eye doctors. Dilation, retinal photography and a lifestyle inventory are just a few tools we use to gain in-depth knowledge of your eyes.


Using your medical history and eye exams we create a preventative plan to keep your eyes healthy and strong for life. You’ll know exactly what it takes to keep your eyes seeing clearly and feeling strong.

No Air Puff

We heard endless complaints about the “air puff test” (or non-contact tonometry) and know it’s generally the worst part of coming to the eye doctor. Goldmann applanation tonometry, the gold standard in glaucoma care, allows us to test without the air puff!

What Makes Eye Health Solutions Different?

You’re a health conscious person but your eyes have always felt like a bit of a mystery. You know your eye health is important and occasionally worry about losing your vision, but you don’t know what to do differently. Maybe your eyes have been really dry recently but you keep ignoring it. Maybe you go to the eye doctor once a year for a prescription but don’t get an in-depth exam. Or maybe you have a family history of eye disease but don’t know what symptoms to look for.

At Eye Health Solutions, we spend time focusing on you and your overall eye health, not just your vision. We know what eye diseases are most common and have modern technology to help us diagnose any potential problems. Your eyes are more than the window to your soul, they’re a window into your overall health. Many diseases can be seen in the eyes before you have symptoms anywhere else.

Regardless of your reason for coming in, our professional and caring team will make you feel comfortable before, during and after your exam. And we won’t ever use an air puff on your eye!

A thorough, annual eye exam with us will do much more than keep your prescription updated. Together we will keep your eyes healthy and working for you. Schedule your appointment today!

How much longer will you live with discomfort in your eyes?
Are you willing to sacrifice your vision by avoiding the eye doctor?
How long will you worry about a family history of eye disease before getting checked out?
At Eye Health Solutions we have an intimate understanding of the eyes. Our optometrist has been practicing for over 20 years and is a lifelong student who wants to bring the best in eye healthcare to all of our patients. We understand how important your vision is to your life and want to help you maintain it.
We provide a thorough exam to all of our patients and won’t ever rush you. We care about your sight just as much as you do.

Isn’t it time to get more than a prescription from your eye exam?​

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